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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 12, 2013 at 15:31:34 in reply to Comment 86194

I agree gambling isn't good for our communities. Of any kind. Saying that I have gone to Casino's, Bingo Halls, buy the occasional scratch ticket or pro line ticket. Bottom line is we all want to win more than we invested. The big one is likely all of our dreams. The odds are definitely stacked against us.

I don't believe in God but I also don't believe in the OLG. Pretty sad when you can't morally support a government agency. Isn't it?

I have said it before and I'll re-iterate it. We have a local Hamilton lottery. $1 a week. Even if 100,000 residents jump on board, that's a $50K pot for the winner and $50K for a operating costs for the lottery, and the rest to our municipal taxes.

Each resident/married/common-law partner can only win once. Winner's name is recorded so if couple separates, former spouse/partner can still win. Separation costs are a killer.

A chance to pay back all debts and perhaps that should be a stipulation to help reduce Canada's consumer debt, that credit cards and loans be paid off first.

A great way to help citizen's start over. Perhaps the lottery is for people/families under a certain income?

If you win, you are still required to pay into the lottery for the rest of your time in Hamilton. Think of it. Evan at 90 years of age at $1 a week, it would still be under $5K lifetime investment. So your $5K invested still paid out $45K.

We need to actually help people. We obviously need that $5M a year subsidy from Flamborough plus those jobs so is there a way to build something that would generate taxes and create employment that would near that amount if we lose OLG completely?

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