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By casinos Hamilton and,or Toronto(?) (anonymous) | Posted February 12, 2013 at 14:26:51

Remember that Toronto and Rob Ford's desired 'casino'--gambling place--is in play too. OLG needs new "players" to replace those citizens who get "tapped out": people who have become broke$$. Rob Ford's election over-spending and illegal spending are being examined by an audit panel. Remember that over-spending in a campaign has potentially--and rightly--harsh penalties; whether they get applied or not is another matter that will need Kathleen Wynne's gov't to re-examine Ont. Munic. Conflict Act and Elections Act.
THEREFORE Ford in Toronto is weaker than his council is--and maybe no casino/gambling den in Toronto. So, if no 'Casino' to Toronto, bigger pressure in and on Hamilton. Resist!

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