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By jason (registered) | Posted January 08, 2013 at 21:11:23 in reply to Comment 84834

it's not just those outside the city. Many IN the city act as though the lower city is 'another city'. And it goes right through many of our institutions etc... A school teacher told me that many Mountain teachers came downtown for their day of action a few weeks ago to be in front of schools with more visibility than in Mtn neighbourhoods. He got chatting with one teacher from the West Mtn as they picketed in front of Hess St school at Queen/York, where he teaches. The Mtn teacher said "can you believe it around here??" My friend was perplexed by what he meant and let him know that he walks to the school everyday to teach from Dundurn/Aberdeen. He continued "I hope my car is ok parked down here". My friend asked what kind of car he had, thinking it was a high end Beemer or Lexus or something.

It was a Dodge minivan.

He could only chuckle at how completely out of touch with the neighbourhood this fellow was, even though he only lived 10 minutes away. MOST of our decision makers at city hall, and in our major institutions are just like this. That's no exaggeration. It's one of the huge reasons we see such a disconnect between those desiring vibrant, urban life and everyone else who might have to slow down by 90 seconds when flying through. They don't care. And they are the majority. And here we are.....

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