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By Jay Robb (anonymous) | Posted January 08, 2013 at 14:45:33 in reply to Comment 84829

Jason & Stepchild:

A job brought me to Hamilton in 1995. It's my kids' hometown so I have a vested interest in making this a great place to live (that includes a vibrant downtown where our family spends many, many hours).

My wife might agree on "crotchety" and I'm warming up to school marm.

As for building a community around myself -- why & who's got the time? Although if the community's willing to make my kids' lunches and sort the blue boxes...(I promise not to scold much).

Never one to shy away from voicing an opinion, taking a stand and putting my name to it.

And I enjoy Raise the Hammer for views & perspectives that I don't always share but start to better understand.

Next couple of years will be interesting.


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