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By Bernie Fact Check (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2012 at 23:35:41 in reply to Comment 83184


Here are only a few comments from Concerned Ward 3 residents, read more at above link:

"Hope you are passing on these facts to other parents.... Mission Services as well as Cathy Wever and the Wever Hub were well aware of what was proposed for this building and didn't care to consult the parents of the children at this school! Until "prodded' they were only 'touting' the fact that they were having employment services... then the real truth came out about the food bank, addiction counseling and mental health counseling came out. Spread the word...
- Concerned Ward 3 resident"

"And according to the petition that was being signed at the school last Monday...89% of the parents were UNAWARE what was being proposed 100ft away!!!!! What? Because we are in ward 3 parents don't care what their kids are EXPOSED to? This is disgusting! This would never fly in any other ward... except Bernie Morelli's ward! - Concerned Ward 3 Resident"

Ms. Doll, you need to give it up!! It is public knowledge that your friend Bernie lives on the waterfront in Ward 5 or Grimsby, while he may have a token address in Ward 4.

My family and I live a block from Mission Services and Sanford School. Bernie was never present at any of the meetings at the Wever Hub, and failed to reply to any questions from local residents concerning both these properties.

Your sycophancy is nauseating. Stick to the games you play at South Sherman to help him get re-elected. Just stop meddling in my neighbourhood. You have no clue what is going on here.

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