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By the truth please (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2012 at 18:46:22

All this hub bub about changing boundaries is boring, since it is the entire political party system that is flawed, in my view.

All these so called experts, with their high priced educations fail to speak about what is really wrong.

The high levels of poverty are due to the fact of the changing government policies of funding have gone on for years, yet like sitting at the anti poverty caucus, listening to those brilliant Mac students, talking about we need daycare and lower tuition, back in the day, we had daycare and bursuary programs, which have been stripped by all levels of government, never mind the loss of jobs due to free trade policies as well.

It is my opinon that the world our so called elected officials live in, is just like in the film The Corporation, partying in a high glass tower, drinking champagne and eating cavier, oblivious to the chaos in the streets. How can our elected officals just give themselves hefty raises, yet take away social programs, leaving those at the bottom with nothing, but despair.

And you wonder why people do not vote.

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