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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2012 at 08:20:37

Jason, I often appreciate your words yet have to say that there is a hell of a lot of money offered to the Core for redevelopment ~ Take a look at the different grants/loans that the City offers to ONLY the downtown...I have not seen any “$ arches, cobblestone in Dundas...”

I have a hard time believing that low Voter turn-out is based strictly on one’s income or lack of. Dundas has one of the highest person/population of seniors and low income single families...Westdale has many students...

The ‘report’~ that points to poverty ~as the key to disengagement, does not make sense to me. Has someone physically spoken with the people who do not vote and asked? When I ran during the last Municipal election, I had nothing to do with their financial had everything to do with “my vote means nothing...they don’t listen anyway.”

We need to stop pointing the finger at any one ‘group’ of Citizens as a reason for...What an insult to those that are living ‘below the poverty line’; who make a point of voting...
IMHO low Voter turn-out has everything to do about how people perceive our Government and until we ‘fix’ that; we will be seeing history repeating itself over and over again.

We need to get our Teens interested and involved NOW if we are going to see a turn-around in Civic Engagement. Change starts with the next generation and until it is introduced and a part of their education ~ the cycle will not be broken.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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