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By First As Tragedy (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2012 at 15:13:44

City councillors accepted a new deal with the Ontario Lottery and Gam¡ng Corp. for a cut of the money from sløt machines.... after their chief lawyer told them they were in about as strong a negotiating position with the provincial agency as a child seeking a bigger allowance.

The OLG, which oversees public gambl¡ng for the provincial government.... really wasn’t interested in anything the city government had to say about its offer, said city solicitor Rick O’Connor. Earlier drafts of the deal even had the City of Ottawa’s formal legal name wrong. “It was very difficult to get them to move even on that,” he said....

Under the old arrangement, which gave the city five per cent of the money from the racetrack’s first 450 sløt machines and two per cent from the next 800 machines, the city got about $4.3 million last year. Under the new deal, the city gets a share of the cash the machines bring in: 5.25 per cent of the first $65 million, and a declining share after that, down to 0.5 per cent of any amount over $500 million....

Ultimately, city council did the same thing it did when the gam¡ng corporation asked for permission to find someone to build a new cas¡no in Ottawa, whether it’s at the raceway or somewhere else: councillors complained about how powerless they are and then voted in favour of what the gam¡ng agency wanted.

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