Comment 82244

By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2012 at 20:49:56 in reply to Comment 82241

Could use some refining, for sure. I think if the concept was floated without a demolition plan for the Gore streetwall, it would have been differently received. He should maybe just mothball the Gore properties and pursue the practical matters of the southern development, with parking underground. By the time he has a grocery store/new retail next door, the value of that row will have increased notably, and he would have no trouble flipping them to a third party who could creatively repurpose them. (Although I have certainly heard DIYers bemoaning the evils of building codes that are blind to the reality of narrow multi-storey buildings such as these.) I'm in no way encouraged by Blanchard's dalliance with original construction (eg. the mirrored box on Main West a couple doors down from the Visitors Inn). I just think it's imprecise to say that there's no infill going on here when something like two thirds of the project footprint is currently blacktop.

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