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By donnajeanmcnabb (registered) | Posted September 15, 2012 at 10:07:17 in reply to Comment 80920

Where would you be walking to along the streets in the "suburban heights" of Hamilton mountain?

Some of the foot traffic which passes by my "downtown" home (east side of Queen Street) consists of people exercise walking or jogging, but the bulk of it is people travelling to a destination (shopping, work, church, etc.). In the suburbs, the distances between homes and any of these destinations is generally considered too far to walk, much easier to hop into the car. Don't expect pedestrians in neighbourhoods designed for cars no matter how wide the sidewalks and that the streets are two-way.

I suspect the lack of walkable destinations is also a factor on Barton Street as many businesses have been closed and so there are fewer places to walk to.

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