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By Shadicats (registered) | Posted September 13, 2012 at 03:02:50

It is a fad or trend nowadays to convert one way to two, not only in Hamilton but all-cross North America. And frankly, I believe it is a waste of money which would be put to better use to making more bike lanes.

You can't have it both ways Mr. Leach.

I fully support more bike lanes in Hamilton, but with your “Complete streets” its near impossible to implement.

As for your code red areas:

I agree with you; the status quo shouldn't be accepted any longer but some of your ideas are simply unrealistic or already proven not to be successful. Barton street had its added greenery and widen sidewalks between Wentworth and Wellington some years ago; from my observation, the area hasn't improved much from it.

The new schools you mention are simply replacing older school that were bulldozed. There are half a dozen schools that were closed and never made new again in the last 20 years ago; and more schools to close thanks to being half full. There has been no need to truly build new schools in Hamilton's inner city for some time.

My personal believe, the reason behind Hamilton's slow decline and degradation is your hated industrial north end higher paying jobs have left Hamilton. A lot of higher paying jobs that use to be in Hamilton have left...

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