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By jason (registered) | Posted September 12, 2012 at 09:21:06

I'm guessing long term we will see a mix of one-ways and two-ways like Montreal, Vancouver etc.... Virtually all N/S streets could go two-way easily: Queen (although I might like the two-way bike path idea here), Bay, Victoria, Wellington, Wentworth, Sanford etc.... and obviously all the small, useless ones like Park, Catharine etc.... Some E/W streets could also be converted such as Herkimer west of Queen, Hunter. I could see Wilson being two-way entirely, King housing LRT and perhaps Main and Cannon with this bike-path/one-way configuration.
I'm trying to make sure that complete streets aren't lost in the discussion. Turning Main from a speeding 5 lane one way to a speeding 5 lane two-way doesn't appeal much to me.

And we're going to have to show the suburbs (apparently, even though it never works the other way around when they make changes to their road networks) that a renewed quality of life downtown and in Code Red will enhance our economy, assist poverty reduction, increase economic activity, and therefore make downtown and it's social costs less dependent on suburban assistance (again, a perception that exists around Hamilton).

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