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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted August 31, 2012 at 20:56:27

I still don't accept that it's fair to compare drivers speeding and making French stops to the way cyclists flout the law. Every day's commute (by bike) brings me fresh examples; this afternoon's was my pacing a spandex-clad, toe-clipped middle-aged road warrior from Mac through Westdale, watching him run four-ways with and without cars waiting, jumping queues at stop lights, running a red, turning without signalling - everything but ride on the sidewalk.

Whether I'm riding or driving, that kind of stuff makes my blood boil. I can only imagine the effect it has on non-cyclists.

I agree that cyclists are less of a danger than drivers due to plain ol' physics. But I perfectly understand why so many drivers are driven nuts by cyclists. The more of us who demonstrate predictable, considerate behaviour, the less cyclists will be despised and disregarded.

Granted: proper bicycle infrastructure in this city will do more for cycling than a thousand law-abiding cyclists. But let's not pretend that a large minority of cyclists aren't agents of chaos on the roads.

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