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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2012 at 11:01:29

Here's an idea. Debate it as you will. I was walking my dog at Bayfront the other day, and was out near the McQueston Bridge. I was thinking about traffic and how stupid it was to direct all that truck traffic up Wellington St to Cannon and down Victoria to Burlington.

I glanced over across the west harbour and thought why not continue Burlington St westward. UNDERGROUND. It would be Hamilton's version of the Big Dig in Boston. The concept is simple. Continue Burlington St west into a tunnel under the west harbour, as it nears the 403, it spurs east and west surfacing somewhere south of Main St if your travelling west and somwhere in the HWY 6 area as you go east.

Truck traffic would be completely eliminated from Cannon and Wellington and Victoria Sts aside from local deliveries etc. But the super heavy steel, fuel, bulk, traffic would be gone. The traffic/transportation department would then have no rationale to NOT two way convert Cannon, Wellington and Victoria.

Yes it would cost a lot of money. But it's an investment in our municipal infrastructure that would have a profound and lasting impact on our community. We just essentially handed $50 million dollars of taxpayer money to a money losing football team to build a stadium in a location they had been whining about for years that they could not make money in. (Short pause while I indicate I am a lifelong and diehard TiCat fan). We are preparing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in LRT for the city. Why commit to that project if at the same time we are not prepared to make our entire city livable and safe ?

Such a project would be an engineering marvel, create thousands of construction jobs both locally and provincially, would cement (pardon the pun) Hamilton's reputation as a forward thinking and solution seeking community.

I wanted to pose this question and perhaps stir some debate. Thoughts?

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