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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted June 14, 2012 at 10:29:55 in reply to Comment 78508

Stephen, this comment of yours is definitely one of the major reasons why no one in this City can move forward on the issue of dangerous streets and what can and will be done about the issue. I wasn't trying to rip you in any way; please read again, as I was trying my best to relay that I'm truly frightened cycling on too many streets and that is why I ride sidewalks - when no one is on them. And, no, I have yet to dart in to traffic while avoiding a pedestrian on the sidewalk because I don't cycle on busy streets. My apologies if that was not clear in my comment. Traffic staff must love to read the nit-picking that continues to derail any and all serious happenings that might have a chance to occur if only we could all agree on one thing and move forward. My choice is to leave the nit-picking aside and focus, focus, focus on the real issues - our streets are unsafe because speeds are too fast and drivers, continually, are given preference over pedestrians, cyclists, children, etc... This is the only issue of concern to me and I deeply hope the same is true for you and others; if we all agree on something we may actually be able to show some solidarity and strength when dealing with the city and make traffic engineers accountable to us, not their inaccessible and outdated dept. But, if we continually exercise our desire to spew "he said, she said, but you said", well, it's no surprise we're always stuck right here in the middle, again.

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