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By Mylar (anonymous) | Posted June 13, 2012 at 07:59:15

"To keep Cannon in its current deadly state is an affront to the efforts many brave residents and investors who have put their own fortunes on the line to bring life back to the area."

Such as the landlord of the building that houses Eclectric
Music and Audio?

Sympathies to all involved. I can feel the post-traumatic adrenaline racing through this article.

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes they are within our control and sometimes not.

Sometimes they fit our preconceptions and prejudices and sometimes they don't.

Let's not forget that two of 2010's 11 pedestrian deaths occurred in the most walkable zone of the city: James Street between King and King William.

I for one am comfortable crossing Cannon, but circumstances and experiences may vary. I am hesitant to Roger Cormanize the matter ("This could happen to any of us who are brave enough to set foot on Hamilton's deadly streets.") but to each his own.

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