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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 27, 2012 at 07:27:49 in reply to Comment 77353

Sorry, I'll confess to being a little riled-up here...

"I think many of the seniors and older ethnic groups are happy with Mr. Morelli since they represent the “old neighbourhood” that really is the gem of Ward 3."

Wonderful. Nothing against them at all, but putting them on this pedestal: does this mean we're going to freeze time, so that this dynamic remains forever? Because that's the only way it'll be valid.

"Not the idealistic suburbs that drives out poor and old that is the gentrification goal of a small group of T.O. carpet baggers who’ve recently moved into the southern end of the ward." How reminiscent is this of the 'back in the day' racisim and prejudice? On this count alone, I submit that this city needs a lengthy series of town halls to 'edumacate' the clearly-unwashed about the realities of urban living...if only from the point-of-view that 'Above all other factors, Change is the only constant in Life.'

"Nobody is perfect, but voters have proven time and again if you call Bernie, He Responds."

Damn, this is maybe the part that riles me the most. Here's my view, and anyone is certainly free to take issue with how I see things:

A councillor's job capabilties should NOT be decided by how well he or she deals with complaints. Or being an issue-rectifier. Or being an ad hoc therapist. (Which is why this has come to pass: )

Yes, the councillor's office should be fielding and responding to enquiries. But I'm a little tired of hearing this celebration marched out ("My councillor always gets back to me when I have a question!") as if acting as Ward Problem Solver is the job's primary goal. (Anyone wondering just what a councillor's job actually entails according to the Municipal Act, look here: )

Council, as led by the mayor, is charged with both management of the city, and its *leadership*. The former certaily includes looking after complaints, ensuring that the proper resources are made available to residents...but the latter has to do with skills such as being able to inspire, being able to generate and focus community confidence and enthusiasm, as well as executing the city's 'vision'.

Leadership, in its most basic definition, is 'taking a group of people from one place, to another.' And seemingly, in this modern, fuckled-up world of ours, this has gotten lost. It seems that 'leadership' has been redefined as 'dotting all the 'i's, crossing all the 't's, answering constituent phone calls, playing nice in Council Chambers, providing the appropriate sound bites for media, yadda, yadda, areyoufriggin'kiddingme? yadda.

So; as my rant's moemntum is about to run out, allow me to offer up this challenge to both Councillor Morelli and to RTH Editor Ryan McGreal:

Ryan, please conduct another interview with the councillor, with the topic being 'Our city's declared vision, '"To be the best city in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and provide diverse economic opportunities.": please discuss your views on it, to the same extent you have regarding 'walkability'. At length, please talk about the lengths to which you've gone to ensure its implementation, and how you see your leadership role in the endevour, towards the betterment of a struggling ward within a re-inventing-itself Hamilton.'


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