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By Brian C (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2012 at 20:40:07

Thank you JPTO and Capitalist for bringing some common sense to these discussions. There is nothing innately superior about either one or two way traffic. The main thing is to control the speed of traffic and to create a buffer between cars and pedestrians. The best ways to do this are by allowing plentiful curbside parking and timing the stoplights to allow for slower speeds. A recent article on this site suggested timing them at 20 kph, the normal speed of cyclists. Both of these are much better ideas than a blind ideological move to two way just for the sake of it. I work downtown and walk throughout the core daily. As a pedestrian, I much prefer one way streets. I can control when and where I cross streets much better. The number of variables at intersections is greatly reduced for me and for drivers. Anything that reduces distractions for drivers makes a safer walking environment for walkers. There are a great number of reasons why one way is better of walking. but the key is not the direction but the speed and buffer. Just imagine Cannon St with curbside parking and slow synchronized traffic lights. Compare that concept to the new two way expressway they have created on Wilson St. They removed the curbside parking!! The International Village between Wellington and Mary is an example of a one way street with slow speeds and good buffer for pedestrians. Sadly, the city planning dept. is hesitant to allow permits for developers to create loft residences above stores there. I know of a family with many millions of dollars who saw the potential of the International Village area and wanted to buy and develop buildings and the upper floors into apartments and or condos. They met with city planners and quickly decided to invest in Oakville. Another business person has been waiting over two years for a permit to upgrade the empty units above his store. Lead by the efforts and passion of Bryce,at YouMe, Dave at Mixed Media and Graham at H+H, an other entrepreneurs, James St. North would have improved whether it was one or two way. More than one business owner on James N has told me they would love Cityhall to "just leave us alone".

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