Comment 77086

By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 17, 2012 at 13:11:02 in reply to Comment 77083

"the councillors already have the facts... they've been presented to them many many times. the problem is they don't see it as a priority"

Right. And without any influence on their trajectory, isn't it safe to say they'll continue this behaviour?

Especially given the fact that it's good-money-bet that all incumbents will be returned to office next election, no matter how badly they don't see certain things as priorities?

Especially when there's nothing in place for constituents to base performance on? Not even amongst the more informed and energized of residents?

I don't believe this 'intractability' is the result of the wrong people being chosen (over and over and over again). I believe it's the result of them not being given clear enough direction often enough, that there's no consistently expressed 'voice of the people'.

So we have a situation where people aren't used to providing input (guidance, demands, whatever), and councillors aren't used to responding to any . (Head over to The Hamiltonian and witness how many on Council have not responded to their 'Perspectives Virtual Panel' on Hamilton being 'the best place to raise a child'. (Here's a spoiler: 3/16.)

And no, comments here and elsewhere aren't enough. I'm talking about a much louder voice.

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