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By YAMISICK (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2012 at 07:07:10

"Other rising economic trends include...the overall gradual transition to a service and knowledge based economy."

"...the grim employment prospects for young persons in Canada. Unpaid internships, low-skill and low wage service jobs, and a 14.7% youth unemployment rate (double the Canadian average) are realities youth under the age of 25 are facing today."

Looks to me like the IECSSA (International Economic and Commercial Sciences Students Association) has all the hallmarks of a self-fulfilling prophecy for a low-skill low wage service economy. But y'all make it sound so wonderful Mr. K. C-Murphy.

I got chills when I read, "Wei Lie Yew completed an internship at Greenhorizons Hamilton Sod." Oh My God! Talk about grim! First of all, when agricultural soil becomes so ruined that it cannot produce food crops any longer, it is often given over to sod production and that is a point of no return. Year after year the soil is bombarded with a long list of chemicals just to grow grass. Then it is stripped off and shipped off to new cookie cutter neighborhoods and golf courses to become instant green lawns and fairways for you and your kids.

Has anyone ever handled sod for an entire day? Has anyone here actually carried, positioned and unfurled hundreds of these rolls for minimum wage? If the chemical smell ain't bad enough, the sheer exertion and deep breathing required takes that poison deep into the lungs, pumping through the blood along with generous helpings of toxic dust. But that ain't even the worst of it, by the end of the day, the chemical exposure renders your fingers numb and your arms are itching to kingdom come.

But hey, my knowledge and your knowledge apparently won't mix: Y'all want build a globalists' city while I just wanna get things fixed.

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