Comment 75783

By rednic (registered) | Posted April 09, 2012 at 07:40:59 in reply to Comment 75779

Doesn't the fact that they are planning to build 'McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC)' not 'McMaster Alternate Transport Resource Centre (MATRC)' shed any light on the situation? It certainly does to me. The epic fail has actually occurred further up the food chain than road planners etc .

While 'greener' cars are a step forward the real prize should 'greener' transportation. Seems Mac and the province are building a temple to the continuation of the automobile ruling our roads. The city planners are just following suit.

When I see the province put 11 million on the table for cycling research maybe something will change. FWIW Cervello has likely put that much into R&D and now make the majority of the bikes (despite what the stickers say) on the pro (road racing) circuit. So a business case can be made for this type of investment.

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