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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2012 at 13:25:52

I just want to show people something - this is a major intersection in Brantford I noticed when I was in town for a baptism:

At first glance, it could be in Hamilton - it's a wide, massive intersection with a highway-style slit to allow traffic to flow around the corner, unimpeded.

But look closer - even though this is a major intersection adjascent to a bridge over the Grand River (which produces the same "cut the city in half" problem as our escarpment) we have crosswalks on every side of the intersection. No "Pedestrian Crossing Prohibited". And, more importantly, look around that highway-style ramp. There are "YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS" signs with warning lights on them.

And this isn't in Stockholme or Paris or London. It's not Toronto or New York City. It's an economically depressed post-industrial town in Southern Ontario a half-hour away.

I mean, I want our intersections and roads to look like those in Portland and Amsterdam and Copenhagen. But at this point I'd settle for Brantford.

This is pathetic.

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