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By Worried (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2012 at 15:07:03

Whatever measure is taken, I can guarantee you the following will result:

- It will likely represent the full limit of what Council is *willing* to do about this matter and it will be their last real opportunity to censure the Mayor on this issue.

- Most citizens will be unhappy that the punishment did not go far enough

- Buoyed with a fresh "victim" card, Bratina will just shrug it off and lap up the sympathy

- Knowing that he has faced the worst of what Council is willing to do, Bratina will be far worse than he ever was.

- It's going to be a really rough 2.5 years.

I'm not saying I don't support censure. It needs to happen for Council to distance themselves from Bratina. I'm just worried that with so much time left in his term, there will be a lot more serious issues down the road, and giving Bratina the sense that he has nothing left to lose is dangerous.

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