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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 06, 2012 at 18:03:11

I'd like to see us further memorialize locations were pedestrians are killed beyond what many families already take upon themselves. Gage and King for instance is still a family-run memorial with a picture and flowers for Matthew Power. Follow her FB Page RIP Matthew Powers. She still terribly misses her son to this day.

A permanent artist designed memorial should exist at these locations with a spot for a photo, flowers, and a name plate with details of the death. There should be symbols for different locations that stand out for pedestrians and drivers like a checkered flag for street racing so we are reminded what killed him. Maybe a special web link with associated with Susan Clairmonts article.

This is history. History we need to understand to stop these things from happening. We can teach people that street racing kills and pedestrians by maybe drawing a red line or something across the road following he and his friends path, that either way its dangerous to cross mid-street.

Then we need to think of what we can implement at these spots to show that we have made it safer. Narrowing the street in that span for dedicated parking to limit the lanes pedestrians have to dart across like frogger because people aren't going to walk the distances some times required to get to a cross walk. We need to recognise this instead of simply ticketing people.

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