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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted February 22, 2012 at 23:19:27 in reply to Comment 74648

Hamilton's challenge is far smaller. Here we have a downtown that has grown (and stagnated) more or less organically - it's the historic core of the city, was the centre of commerce for many decades, and while it has been in decline and seen some slow progress forward, many of the same factors that supported it as the heart of the city still exist. Private investment, in the form of a variety of many small actions on the part of business owners on King and James, has been steadily growing with city support (and without it as well).

Mississauga's challenge has been to create a "downtown" where nothing existed before. They've had to come from a much more distant point of origin. And most of their private investment has involved large actions by developers, creating rather homogeneous blocks no matter how pretty they've been designed.

I'm not sure a "Downtown 21" would be a good thing in Hamilton. It might interfere with the progress that is happening right now. I fully believe the most sustainable development is development that grows of its own energy - the city's role should be to help guide it to its fruition, not designate what it should be.

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