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By George (registered) | Posted February 09, 2012 at 00:13:54 in reply to Comment 74021

"Crowe’s got “a really big part, a big, meaty part,” says series star Allan Hawco, who isn’t giving anything else away – although he does say that Crowe worked on the script with him before shooting.

It’s the third season for Hawco’s – and co-creator Perry Chafe’s – show about a slightly disreputable father-son pair of private detectives in St. John’s....

...Getting him (Russell Crowe) to appear in the series was a bit of a package deal: Crowe was joined on set by three other actors who were with him in the movie Robin Hood – Alan Doyle from the Newfoundland band Great Big Sea, Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand.

Hawco met Crowe on the Toronto set of Cinderella Man. “I remember thinking, wow, I’ll probably never get to see this guy again … and I decided to just truly be myself, and we had a great night, he was a great host, a super gentleman, and over the years, we’ve stayed in contact,” he says. “It’s such a great sign of support that he’s on the show.”

For his part, Crowe said during shooting, “It’s been a lot of fun. It doesn’t take any kind of encouragement for us to get together and socialize. But because of the type of personalities we are, if we get together and have a creative catalyst for that get-together, that’s a perfect world.” "

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