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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted February 07, 2012 at 22:59:58

Rather than spending $650,000 straight away to try to entice a large supermarket chain to set up shop in downtown Hamilton, a helpful and less expensive first step would be for the City of Hamilton Economic Development Department to conduct or commission a survey of existing downtown residents plus people who have committed to purchasing condo units being constructed in the downtown area to gauge the demand and preferred location for a large downtown supermarket. It does not need to be an elaborate or lengthy survey. For example, the following nine questions would only take a person one or two minutes to answer:

  1. Do you live in downtown Hamilton now?
  2. If no to question #1, will you be moving to downtown Hamilton within the next three years?
  3. Are you in favour of a new large supermarket in downtown Hamilton?
  4. Where do you do your grocery shopping now?
  5. Would you change your existing grocery shopping patterns to shop at a large downtown supermarket?
  6. What is your ideal location for a downtown supermarket?
  7. Would you shop at a large downtown supermarket even if was not at your ideal location?
  8. What method of transportation would you use to get to and from a large downtown supermarket?
  9. What is your annual household income and family size?

If the survey results indicate a significant, growing demand for a large downtown supermarket, the Economic Development Department could make the report available to existing grocery store operators in Hamilton and large supermarket chains and follow up with any interested parties.

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