Comment 73687

By jones (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2012 at 23:26:05 in reply to Comment 73685

Nope, I don't buy this for a second. This is her job. She's a public official. This board, like the police board, practices public consultation at the barest level of legislative compliance. I'm sure it's different where education practices are concerned, but that's the problem - why should educators have any power over planning and building decisions like this? Not only that, her answer is evasive and biased. I don't buy her argument about the 7 downtown locations looked at nor the part about having to add stories. If adding stories was an issue then why did the place they finally chose also not have enough stories??? If they were set on downtown but happy enough to tear a building down, THEN WHY NOT CHOOSE A PLACE DOWNTOWN!!! This is another career politician trying to save face.

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