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By jason (registered) | Posted February 02, 2012 at 18:52:50

I'm very intrigued by a couple of points she made:

  1. The province not allowing them to join the mixed-use 'Education Square' proposal from a few years ago. Once again, the province is caught not abiding by their own 'places to grow' act. Talk about a complete lack of imagination and creativity when it comes to development.

  2. The reference to Vancouver. The Vancouver school board website has this as one of it's front page articles:

Hamilton supposedly wants to become a vibrant, safe, family-friendly city and is actively working towards reversing the trends of sprawl from the past 40 years. Problem is, the school board hasn't been reading the news. They still make decisions based on the city's growth patterns from 1980-early 2000's. By closing urban schools and helping make the choice even easier for families to bail to the suburbs they are doing the complete opposite of everyone else, be it the province, city, business and the young generation families who have filled up Strathcona, Kirkendall, Westdale and now Durand and the North End are seeing the influx.
We are setting ourselves up for either:

  • not having to ever worry about urban schools being overcrowded like in Vancouver, or
  • having Vancouvers problem in a much worse way since we'll have closed down most urban schools north of Mohawk Road.

Why must every new convenience store or housing project be judged by city planners against the backdrop of 'places to grow' yet the publicly funded school board doesn't?

Meanwhile in Toronto the province didn't seem to mind a TO school project involving other uses:

Vancouvers School Board education centre, referenced by Judith, is similar to what was proposed here a few years ago:

A quick overview of their mixed-use Education Centre, which was built in 1996. Yes, 16 years ago Vancouver was doing mixed-use projects for education projects, yet here in Ontario we're still lagging way surprise.

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