Comment 73405

By D. Shields (registered) | Posted January 27, 2012 at 12:31:10 in reply to Comment 73124

I agree that high volume commercial dumping is a different matter, & it should not muddy the issue.

I don't understand how Hamilton thinks it can with any effect 'police' these vandals. It's true that garbage begets garbage & if someone dumps garbage, another is likely to use the same spot for illegal dumping. But there are so many country roads, & highway allowances to police. I see no way that Hamilton could effectively stop illegal garbage dumping, even with surveillance cameras, & 'round the clock patrols. How do you prove the dumping happened if you don't catch the person(s) in the act? They are not likely to do this in broad daylight, on well traveled roads.(much like any other crime) I don't see the point of a token program, esp. after the 'Adventures with the toxic waste bins' Downtown, seemed so easy to prosecute, & resolve but it wasn't.

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