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By old guy (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2012 at 18:39:48

I cycled to work for three years back in the 70's, which kinda makes me a pioneer. I gave up for all the usual reasons, but mostly because I was promoted and needed a car to visit customers who, sadly, refused to move within biking distance of our office.

But now I'm an old guy. Still a decade away from retirement age, but still old enough that the idea of climbing on a bike to commute to work for even the reasonable distance that I did as a 20 year-old scares me, and should scare anyone else who might be on the road or bike path that I'd be colliding with them on.

That's on a good day. I, and every other employed Hamiltonian, simply wouldn't consider getting on a bike for one minute in today's snowy weather.

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