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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted December 19, 2011 at 12:59:59 in reply to Comment 72378

This post is why I so strongly believe in your vision, Adrian.

Perhaps though, the answer may end up being a mix of what you, Ryan, and Hammer are discussing within this comment thread. Maybe we can't 'reach' everyone the same way.

We can make people feel good/teach people how to be involved through Catch, RTH, The Spec, local media, community events, etc., but what about those that don't read the papers or hangout on online forums, aren't on Facebook or Twitter, and who don't listen to the news on the radio or watch it on television.

How do you reach them/find out who'they'? Is the only way via a postcard ad in their mailbox and what could that postcard possibly look like to change the mind of someone who has never or has not voted in years for any number of reasons - The sinisist to top all sinisists.

It should be 100% for reasons outlined in Adrian's piece because everyone should whole-heartedly believe in the system whether it's the existing system or a modified one.

Maybe it also takes say someone like the Civic League, to ensure 100% that there is a candidate running in each district that can capture the interests of every man, woman and vote-eligible child because you can believe in the system or voting all you want but if there are 10 people you feel are has-bins running, you might rather pay the fine than make a huge mistake.

Perhaps maybe what becomes 'mandatory' instead then, is that everyone must do so many hours of community service. Maybe there is no city council. No MP's or what not. Maybe it's just a Mayor, Provincial Premiers, and a Prime Minister and the rest of city and provincial planning is done amongst the community. Certainly there is enough knowledge from lawyers down to factory workers and food services, to work together to run our cities. Then we vote for leaders and those that can inspire over their knowledge per say of the judicial system or legal systems or public planning. You have that knowledge in the community already. Just one person to bring the needs of their 'communities' up to the higher powers so they understand the needs of the communities - truly determined by the 'communities'.

But then, perhaps you can call me a dreamer too.

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