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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2011 at 00:03:53

Many very valid and diversified points; yet I cannot help but notice that no one is recognizing the fact that there are people who wish to be able to chose where they live...

“Gasp” ~ a driveway! Some of us grew up in the country (rural ~ sub suburbs) where a car was a necessity. Some stayed; and inherited their family homes. Others decided to move to the suburbs (outlying towns) ~ where they still enjoyed the larger lots, could most likely walk to local shops and also drove to see friends/family that stayed in the ‘outlying’ areas. Further still, others decided to move to the urban area (core) and own a condo or smaller parcel of property (without the maintenance) for the convenience (being able to walk to everything and possibly relying on a single vehicle.)

What do all three of the above scenarios have in common? FREEDOM OF CHOICE ~ we have the right to decide where we wish to reside, based on personal
experiences/reasons...ALL are valid and acceptable choices.

Balance must prevail as we move forward ~ to simply look at one point of view and feel that all must be based on one’s opposite opinion is just wrong.

In all due respect, we ~as a supportive society~, need to understand that there is no right or wrong on where people want to reside ~ there is plainly just a difference of opinion that must be respected. ~ Even if it is not the most ecologically, economically or politically correct (used very loosely) opinion of our fellow neighbour.

Most sincerely,

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