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By SFH everywhere (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2011 at 15:02:00

I find it very ironic that this piece that you quote comes out of Washington. (I assume D.C. not the state) The Washington D.C. environs are one of the few places in the USA where they are still building new homes. Northern Virginia has an unbelievable amount of townhomes and new ones are constantly being built. The price has fallen a bit since the heyday of the housing market but a new 2 + 2 town house an hour to an hour and a half west of Washington is going for $300,000 and the price is climbing. Some of what the author wrote is definitely true in some places but not everywhere. I suspect that CHRISTOPHER B. LEINBERGER has no idea what he is talking about. Just because the paper decided to print his opinion does not make if fact. Of course if it fits in with your view of the world then I can see why you would be so eager to quote it and use it to bolster your own opinion.

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