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By SFH everywhere (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2011 at 14:49:27 in reply to Comment 71666

You picked the boundaries of your zone very carefully, about 2 km long and just over 0.5 km wide for a grand total of just over 1 km2. Not really a true indication of the city at all considering how huge it really is. While there are not a lot of SFH in that tightly defined area because of the presence of commercial and apartments (Jackson Square, Copps, City Centre and City Hall just to mention a few. Don't forget there are also a few parking lots within your area. There are a lot of SFH just outside your area. South of Hunter lots of them right up to the hill, North of Wilson again lots of them especially if you also go just a little east or west. This presence of SFH everywhere is why our density is so low compared to real cities like Toronto, Boston and New York here and virtually every city in Europe. This city is mostly SFH that is one of the reasons we have attracted so many commuters from Toronto.

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