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By sccw (anonymous) | Posted November 21, 2011 at 13:10:17

I am planning on purchasing my first home in North Oshawa (Grandview/Taunton). That area seems very nice and developed with nice box stores, restaurants, lots of schools, parks. The only hesitation I have is the commute - It will take me 40 minutes to get to work rather than the 15 I am used to! I am dreading the communte home during rush hour - but like anything else, you get used to it right? When I tell people I am thinking of moving to Oshawa, right away their noses go up. However, I get a lot of great feedback from people who live there. If only North Oshawa was separated and given a different name then all would be good. I guess no matter where you go and who you ask you're going to get a different opinion every time!

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