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By southShwaGuy (anonymous) | Posted October 31, 2011 at 19:12:15

Well folks, work took me to Oshawa while I happened to be in the housing market. I moved to south Oshawa after looking for months. I could have had a place for the same [200k] in genteel downtown Whitby where I was renting. But frankly, aside from Whitby's friday night yahoo clubbing, Oshawa had more to offer,including the harbour development now underway. I found a nice quiet safe street close to the lake, beach [even swam in it],creek and sports parks. My house is a solidly built 1950's bungalow.
I've lost count of the number of times I've left my car on the street unlocked, my home unlocked or stuff in the driveway and never had a problem. My neighbors are honest, friendly "working families" as the politicians like to say. It's tough looking in Oshawa but a clue should be well kept gardens. I just got out of the car and asked people. No one mugged me.

I grew up in Toronto and yep, the girls are prettier and the galleries more glamorous. If you're after culture don't move here. But if you have culture of your own you won't need it will you.
I can't say whether to raise your kids here. Like anywhere it'll depend more on what kind of parent you are. I loved Toronto culture when I was young but kids spend their time on the Internet now anyway. If you wanrt your kids to do well in school, take them to Markham with the chinese perhaps.
Basically, don't buy the hype on the 'Shwa, see for yourself.

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