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By laughing out loud (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2011 at 03:29:40 in reply to Comment 70799

The author states that driving fast at night in cars with heavily tinted windows and loud mufflers is like firing a gun into the air to celebrate hockey goals. Then he goes on to whine about the cities supposed reaction if a dozen people were killed by gunfire in the continuation of his little fantasy.

Look at the list above. He wants the reader to believe that pedestrians are dieing on our "dreary urban highways." In reality nothing is further from the truth. None of those deaths occurred on one of our "dreary urban highways" They happened on rural roads, in driveways, on two way John North, on 2 way Upper James... They happened everywhere and anywhere except on our "dreary urban highways" This is a piece of fiction. It appeals to our morality, to our desire to protect our children. It is reasonably well written but it is a piece of fiction. All of the actions he calls for in his list of actions to make Hamilton a safer city have no bearing on the list of fatalities. None of them happened on Main Street so how can slowing down that street make our city safer? He calls for converting more streets from 1 way to 2 way. None of the accidents happened on a 1 way street except for #11 which is a 1 way street intersecting a 2 way street.

Then he jumps onto another tangent about bike lanes making the city streets safer. I think we need a comprehensive bike lane network but I doubt it will increase pedestrian safety.

The article is apiece of fiction.

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