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By Imperial (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2011 at 19:48:48

Thanks for the informative article Undustrial. I've admittedly been one of those people asking 'so what is it the 'Occupy' movement wants? I find your article sets me at ease about the movement with the sense that this is the continuation of a new form of protest - or an exploratory form in engagement and idea generation. I like that. Sounds like it has the potential for productivity and unity without having a 'leader'.

As a person who enjoys strategy and action I guess I'm still stuck wondering how I can get involved. I'm not a stand out in the cold and protest kind of guy. I'm also not angry at this stage in the game so I tend to stay away from events that conventionally revolve around negativity.

It's interesting that you're concerned about northern weather getting the best of the movement. If the conviction is there to sustain regular protests, disruptions, etc - I would imagine the cold Canadian climate means those events can head indoors and be all the more impactful as space, and the access to it, becomes a premium in our cold months. 30 people occupying gore park has no physical impact (imho) - groups of 10 people occupying the line-ups at three majors banks downtown for hours on end would. Same volume - way more impact.

Keep up the innovative approach.

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