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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted October 22, 2011 at 11:43:08

Lets review the data of fatal pedestrian/cyclist collisions from 2010

1) 62 year old woman hit while getting mail on a rural road (very rural)

2) 63 year old woman hit by a "railway bus" (not sure what that is) while turning left onto James St at Gore Park (Crosswalk present)

3) 87 year old man hit in a parking lot

4) 2 year old girl hit in her driveway by her parents minivan

5) 21 year old male cyclist hits an SUV on Upper James

6) 55 year old man slips and falls under a truck on James North

7) 26 year old man hit while walking on a rural road

8) 58 year old cyclist hit by mini van on John St South

9) 82 year old man hit by car on Concession/Wentworth (crosswalk present)

10) 59 year old construction worker hit by drunk driver on Nebo Rd (industrial area)

11) 75 year old man hit by 71 year old woman while crossing Hunter/Caroline (cross walk present)

It would be nice if we could decrease the number of cyclist/pedestrian fatalities, I'm just not sure that even with a cross walk every 200m and every road having a posted speed limit of 30 km/h would do much. If that's true, why 'waste' the money? Looking at the data above, it appears the one suggestion that might actually make a difference is to have dedicated bike lanes. The bike lanes should either be equipped with a physical barrier to protect from cars or should be on roads with reduced car traffic and reduced speeds. If the bike lanes are on busy roads without a barrier, I don't see how they would help to reduce collisions other than taking a few cars off of the road (if that).

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