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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted August 31, 2011 at 21:35:25 in reply to Comment 68807

This actually makes a lot of sense. It would further distance the new stadium from "tradition", but it would open up the end-zones for far more temporary seating to host a major event like the Grey Cup. The block on which IWS and Brian Timmis sit is longer north-south than east-west (though not square along Cannon).

Many people feel that the Tiger-Cats do little or nothing for the city in terms of economic spin-offs (and personally, even though I have a die-hard fan bias, I never bought into the figures that were released in that report the team had commissioned last year; to me there is a socio-cultural impact that far outweighs the team's economic one). However, hosting the Grey Cup would bring money into the city, and we should be maximizing the potential of that by being able to handle as many people at the game as we can.

A cynic would argue we'd have to get more of those Grey Cup fans to stay in the city, instead of shacking up in Toronto or Niagara Falls hotels. That cynic would be correct, because if people stay in other cities they would likely spend a lot of their cash in those places instead of Hamilton. And to get them to stay we need more hotel rooms. But that's a debate for a different article or blog entry.

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