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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 21, 2011 at 16:04:38 in reply to Comment 68321

Just as a quick rejoinder...

a) I don't think anyone said anything about building anywhere, here. In fact, I pointed out that I don't want Hamilton to be a Mini-Toronto. What I want is open-minded consideration of options that aren't grounded in the kind of wishlist-type stuff you're talking about. Mostly because I would hate the version of Hamilton that you seem to be longing for. (And applying your 'you're gonna need this and this and this to make it work, otherwise don't bother!' sidebars just make me cringe all the more.

b) I find it fascinating that Portland is so often dragged out for consideration...and yet when examples presented by a professional voice suggest something about Vancouver...something that doesn't quite fall in line with your slant...then the 'Eject' button is pushed.

c) Who said anything about 'fearmongering'? Did you take a look at the photograph in the document 'A Plea For Low-rise Density in Vancouver? Is that what you want? I don't. Not anywhere near the Thistle Club location...and if we're going to be having them put up downtown on some of those available lots, then there's a lot of dialogue to be had.

Town halls, here we come.

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