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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 21, 2011 at 15:19:43 in reply to Comment 68315


It's fascinating how deeply entrenched the heritage mindset ('intellectual bulwark') is here on RTH.

Let me ask this question: what kind of actual qualifications do any of The Big RTH Three (Ryan, Adrian and Jason) actually possess in regards to this very complicated topic? (One that I would never lay any claim to having even the slimmest grasp of.)

What worries me a lot of the time is that actual discussion isn't being encouraged, but rather endless instances are created where those searching for some kind of 'non-mainstream' ideology are proffered essay after essay, article after article...mostly from one intractable, immutable, obdurate headspace...where anything contrary is either ignored or voted down...or due to their unbridled frustration, the purveyor is regarded as a 'troll'.

They say the real test of a great society is how the weakest are treated. Well to me, the real test of a great activism web-site...especially one with the mission/mandate that this one how dynamic it is, how it receives 'alternative' or even 'disparate' ideas, concepts or philosophies, how enthusiastic it is to adapt, to grow, to stretch and excel...

...but even moreso, how receptive it is...and I mean genuinely receptive, not merely offering up lip-service gestures that can easily end up being utterly condescending in the eminently-qualified voices at their disposal. (Yes. I am referring to Mahesh Butani specifically.)

Which is why I recently proposed to Ryan the notion of taking what RTH does and pulling it out of the 'endless-loop, echo-chamber' that its extant design almost requires (well, maybe that its editors require), and into the real world by way of actual discussions, by way of in-person salons and informative and engaging seminars with experts and leaders and mentors, etc.

Because after a while...RTH's static construct begins to remind me of serial monologues. Or worse. (Sexual connotation withheld.)

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