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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted August 18, 2011 at 20:19:57

A caveat about constructing tall buildings in Hamilton. It is also important to respect the “natural architecture” of a city and plan the buildings accordingly.

One of the greatest "natural architectural" charms Hamilton possesses is the view of the bay and the lake from the escarpment. Unlike the urban mountains in Vancouver and Montreal, the Hamilton escarpment is only about 100 metres high (330 feet). The construction of a multitude of buildings higher than 100 metres would eventually obstruct parts of the wonderful panoramic view of the bay and the lake from the escarpment shared now by all Hamiltonians and visitors to the city. Once this unique city view is lost, it can never be replaced. This would be infinitely worse than losing the Royal Connaught Hotel building or any of the other historically significant buildings in our city.

Also unlike Vancouver and Montreal, there is plenty of available and relatively inexpensive land in downtown Hamilton to construct high-rise buildings without the necessity of surpassing the escarpment's 100 meter natural aesthetic threshold.

While it is agreed that a well designed signature tower would add excitement to downtown Hamilton, it is hoped that great care is taken in the planning and construction of future high-rise buildings to ensure that Hamilton's "natural architectural" features are not diminished.

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