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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 14, 2011 at 02:50:46 in reply to Comment 66885

I agree completely with Mahesh's comment,
"I fear the young-boys cartel more than the old-boys cartel. For they choose to do what they do presently in spite of knowing better not to claim total knowledge. The old-boys did what they did from what we now clearly recognize as lack of knowledge in their firmly held beliefs. Planning is a wicked problem that calls for curiosity, discovery and tacit knowledge not firm beliefs."
How can anyone have faith in a place that seems determined to shoot it's self & All it's taxpayers in the foot on a regular basis? It's like hitching a ride with a Kamikazi pilot & expecting to actually Arrive.
Some people may profit from the current practices of outward expansion. Some may profit GREATLY, others may just have a poorly paid job, but at least a job out in the Burbs.
All rest of us are saddled either paying for derelict areas of the City, & all the social harm that hopelessness can do, or we pay for endless roads, expressways, & infrastructure to service The Frontier edges of the City. I suspect the latter will cost much more, in every possible way.

If the Burbs want to stop whining about paying taxes for/to Downtown, then allow for growth Downtown & stop taking things away from Downtown!

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