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By Mike (registered) | Posted July 21, 2006 at 11:43:04

1) The output is not 8.5 mW (or 0.0085 W), it's 11.4 MW (or 11 400 000 W) - A factor of OVER 1 BILLION. Good job on getting your facts straight. 2) It DOES NOT burn 1 200 tonnes of waste per day. It will burn "1089 tonnes per day of biosolids and 417 tonnes per day of biomass." 3) Biomass is: "Biomass includes grass and garden clippings, clean dimensional lumber, urban forest waste and horticultural waste - only difficult to compost biomass. " far from toxic sludge 4) This is a source of renewable energy as defined by the Ministry of Energy

Perhaps you should research your topics.

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