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By JoeyColeman (registered) - website | Posted July 18, 2011 at 11:07:24 in reply to Comment 66345

Much as the express is more attractive because of branding (it really only saves a few mins from downtown to Mac), a SuperExpress holds a greater attraction.

The Beeline no longer enters the campus and only every other stops in front of the hospital.

(It's a guessing game to decide which stop to wait at going downtown)

A super-express is designed to operate at peak times (arrive at McMaster for :20, leave McMaster at :30), the hourly change of classes.

It also better reflects the actual transit operation - many buses are full by Queen Street and operate "super-express" to McMaster due to capacity issues at those peak times.

A further extension would be three super-expresses in the morning to McMaster and three out in the evening from McMaster along two lines:

Valley Park - Eastgate - Downtown - McMaster

Limeridge Mall - Meadowlands Terminal - Main and Cootes - McMaster

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