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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 15, 2011 at 10:23:23

Who is going to take one-hour to ride transit back and forth when the car takes you there in 10 min?

A chief reason why I generally don't take a lot of busses. The problem isn't the speed of the busses, though, it's transfer times. If I have to wait 20 minutes for a bus (which comes every 40), then transfer and sit at a bus shelter on the mountain for another thirty, then I've spent nearly an hour going nowhere for a one-way trip. If I haven't checked the schedules online (or they're not on time), it could well mean over an hour of wait time.

LRT changes this by establishing main lines that can run at high and regular frequencies. If I only have to wait five or ten minutes for the train (which also moves faster than a bus), then that saves a lot of time and grief. If I have to transfer to a second LRT line, I can be confident that I won't have to wait more than five or ten minutes there, either. All of this frees up busses for small, regular local loops (instead of having to run Deleware buses to Westdale) which can feed into hubs at the LRT stops. All in all it makes for a far simpler, much more efficient and less intimidating network as a whole.

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