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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2011 at 16:01:26 in reply to Comment 65934

I am hearing the argument and not agreeing with it. Different than not getting it :)

Legislating, educating and enforcement of helmet use for self propelled modes of transportation will decrease head injuries, morbidity and death. A separated network of self propelled transportation lanes will also decrease morbidity, and mortality massively. More so than helmets alone.

The utilitarian argument that not legislating safety equipment for self propelled transportation in order that more people will ride is desperately self centered and possibly even Machiavellian. ;)

Wearing a paintball mask does not prevent death. Therefore more people would play paintball if the mask was not used. So let's not enforce this piece of safety equipment (there is no legislation for paintball masks on the books).

I will challenge the concept that bike helmet legislation has decreased the amount of bike riders over the last 19 years. The vast majority of cyclists are recreational. There are lots of ways to get exercise and enjoy recreation other than cycling. Cochrane points out that there is no good evidence to show that cycling legislation decreases ridership. Too many confounding components exist.

There is fierce competition for exercise and recreation dollars. I feel that the decrease in cycling may not just be from helmet laws (poorly educated, unenforced ones), but from increasing options: inline skates, boarding, yoga, hiking, walking, running, line dancing, aerobics, women's gyms, aging population, etc.

I do see where you are coming from. I do not agree and I will also argue that your stance will likely cause harm. I enjoy every contribution on this freaking site (yes even A Smith) and don't want to lose any of you to a life of drooling spoon fed retardation because such a simple safety precaution was ignored due to poor interpretation of weak evidence.

(presently wearing a hat, not a helmet, to write this post).

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