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By trevorlikesbikes (registered) - website | Posted July 09, 2011 at 07:04:58 in reply to Comment 65798

well there aren't typically accident reports unless a motor vehicle is involved. And yes, people on bikes and cyclists crash without the assistance of cars. I personally crashed whilst riding down McNeilly as there was a considerable amount of sand in the switchback which caused quite the tumble. FWIW, i did crack my helmet on that one due to side impact (weak axis strength). Then there are always those trees that jump right out at you.

I know people who have gone down while crossing wet railroad tracks at a less than ideal (perpendicular) angle.

It happens often, but the results are typically catastrophic when the collision involves a cyclist with a styrofoam cooler on his hear and a 2 ton behemoth of steel and glass.

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